10 Things You Must Know About Traveling In Burma And About Burma

Is it safe to travel to Burma? 

Burma is one fascinating country that many people have on their bucket lists of countries they want to travel to. Burmese people are very welcoming and friendly. If you plan to visit Burma, you will be pleased by the Burmese people’s nature as they are very excited to see new people around them. About safety, Burma is very safe to travel to, but after a recent crisis, people think it might be dangerous to visit. Although this is not true, you can still; visit the country peacefully. Just keep in mind not to get involved in any protests or revolts happening anywhere in the country to stay safe.

Burma or Myanmar? What is the correct name?

Burma and Myanmar are the names of the same country and; are used interchangeably. The reason behind the name Burma was changed to Myanmar lies in the politics of the country. Burma was the country’s old name, which is now known as Myanmar (the name given by the military coups ruling the country now). Both the names; have a different meaning in politics, but if you are a mere traveler, it should not bother you. They both are, after all, names of the same country.

How to travel to Burma?

The usual option for any traveler worldwide, who wants to travel to Burma, is the flights. There are many entries points to the country which can be taken by road though. These are because Myanmar shares its borders with China, Thailand, Laos, India, and Bangladesh. The best way is still to take flight and avoid roads due to safety reasons. One should avoid taking any borders of Burma because, for that reason, you will have to take special permissions. There are a few international airports in Burma where you can land and also take exits from there.

Best visiting time of the year

There are two options available to you when traveling to Burma. If you are someone who wants to visit the country in the peak season then you might want to visit in the months November to February as in these months, the weather is neither too hot nor too rainy which makes it perfect for visitors but, in this time you might get accommodation very easily. Although if you do not want to visit in the peak season, then March to May will be the best option.

Must-visit places in Burma

There are many beautiful places to visit for the tourists in Burma. Some of them are listed here.

  • Yangon or Rangoon
  • Bagan
  • Inle lake
  • Hsipaw to Kalaw hike
  • Pyin Oo Lwin
  • Mandalay
  • Archipelago

Burma currency exchange and ATM

When traveling to Burma, you will have to have their local currency to spend and pay bills as well. You can either use US dollars or Kyat, the currency of Burma. When paying at the hotels or guesthouses, it is better to use dollars. You can even exchange your dollars into Kyat from hotels. It is better to pay the locals for food and other stuff if you have Kyat because they only accept them. The value of Kyat keeps changing from time to time and, that is why make sure you have done your research on that too before you go there.

Travel to Burma on a budget

Traveling on a budget is very important. Burma is not an expensive country and, that is why you can travel there on a budget of thirty to forty dollars a day, out of which your expenditure for the food will not be more than ten dollars unless you buy a beer or two. If you want to save on traveling, it is better not to take internal flights, which are very costly. You can use other transports to travel internally, which will be a lot cheaper as compared to the flight. The traveling tips are shared later in the article.

Be a responsible traveler

Politics is a very sensitive topic to be discussed in Burma and, that is why it is better that you avoid getting into matters relating to politics and stay safe. If you want to be a responsible traveler and not get stuck in political issues, then you should support the locals and avoid the high-end restaurants and hotels which are not in support of the government. Locals, however, are in much need and are allowed to do their private businesses, so it is far better to support them and be responsible. Also, try to avoid sensitive topics related to politics; so that you do not end up in any trouble.

Travel and accommodation

The stay in Burma means the hotels or the guesthouses, which are listed on the internet. These are only the ones which are good and not in the remote area. The ones in the remote areas are not listed, and for that, you will have to be dependent on the locals, which will guide you to any hotels or guest houses available in their locality. About the travel, you can take buses, taxis or horses and a cart. The buses are a very common and affordable option for any traveler and save you a huge amount of money.

Internet services in Burma

If you think that you will find anything on the internet when in trouble, then my friend, you might get stuck and have no way out of it until you find someone to help you out. Internet services in Burma are; very poor and limited as well. There are only a few restaurants that you will find, have internet. So, it is better not to rely on the internet for any purpose, be it small or big. You should carry everything like maps and guides to not get stuck anywhere and be helpless until someone comes to your rescue. Now that you have a guide about Burma, you can make your travel plans soon.


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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