Burma: A Perfect Place For Planning A Vacation

People usually plan vacations to take a break from work and relieve themselves from stress and anxiety. A vacation may be a smaller one and even bigger too. Smaller one includes a trip to a park, beach, or a picnic to some resort or water park. Vacation can be further divided into many categories. Categories here means the type of travel. A vacation might be a solo trip, a trip with the family, or a trip with friends. Each type is joyful in its way. There is no one to interrupt in a solo trip, and one can roam freely at ease. Regarding trips with family and friends, one can enjoy plenty of memorable moments, click pictures, and have memories stored in their minds about the place and time spent over there with their families and friends.

Do everyone requires a vacation?

Yes. Everyone does need a little break from daily activity. Students, too, need a break from their studies and regular classes and homework. That is why schools and colleges plan a vacation to many places so that students can enjoy and relax at some point in time. Employers and employees need a break. Employers or the boss has a major working load as he has to manage the whole staff recruited under him. On the part of employees, they also need a break from their boss’s daily work pressure. Thus in all aspects, vacation is important.

Which time is best for vacation?

There is no such time for a vacation. Just plan a place for a holiday and go. But if one wants to know about the best time, it is usually summers or winters. If one researched online, they would get to know about this time only. That is why vacations are often referred to as summer vacations or winter holidays. Now one must also select the perfect place for vacation during this time. Usually, people planning summer vacations would plan to visit a hill station for a pleasant environment. Winter holidays may be planned for opposite locations, but some even visit those places where snowfall is prominent. Thus plan yours accordingly.

What must one do to make a vacation memorable?

It is a very good question to think about. People must be aware that their vacation will be a good one if they enjoy it to the fullest. Taking some work will be of no use during a vacation. Try to take your favorite interest and hobbies during a vacation. Like, take some books if one loves to read by the beach in pleasant weather. Enjoy sporting activities like volleyball if one loves it. Clicking pictures is a must during a vacation. This is somewhat the best thing to recapture or recreate memories after a vacation.

Burma: a perfect place for a vacation

As mentioned earlier, there are many places to visit as a part of the vacation. Parks, other countries, and beaches. There are even more options. If one wishes to travel to other places apart from the park or a beach, Burma is a must place to visit. Burma is now officially known as Myanmar. So whether you visit Myanmar or Burma, both are of the same aspects. Myanmar is a country located in the southeast of Asia. It is considered to be the tenth largest place in Asia and has a population of about fifty-four million. There are many amazing places to visit in Myanmar. The article below will help you to know about them.

The things which one can do in Myanmar

As mentioned earlier, there are many places to visit and things to do in Myanmar. If one searches online, they will get plenty of results. Below are some of the things which one can do if they visit Myanmar.

  1. Visit and find the ancient temples of Bagan. There are plenty of temples here. The hot air balloon facility will help one to get an aerial view of the temples. The temples are the ancient temples of Buddhists. For a ground-level visit, hire a bike and enjoy the ride and view of these ancient temples.
  2. On the second visit comes the famous vinery. Enjoy fresh and tasty wine and also experience the fresh air. One can see here the process of wine. From grapes in the initial stage to wine as the output.
  3. Rent bikes and roam about in Myanmar easily. Many shops offer these bike rental services. Never miss out on a chance to have a ride on these rented bikes.
  4. Waterfalls. This is a must place to visit. Enjoy the beauty of waterfalls, and one can even enjoy swimming here. A good place to relax and relieve all kinds of stress and anxiety.
  5. Beaches are also a good place to visit. Take a boat and roam about in the sea and even meet the indigenous people over here. The tropical reefs and soft white sand also adds to the collection.
  6. If one does not visit the Buddhist caves, then the trip is of no use. The major highlight here is the Sadan cave, which has pagodas and buddhas. Walk under the mountain and enjoy the view of these famous pagodas.
  7. Myanmar seafood is very famous. Visit the desert-island restaurant to experience the best seafood in Myanmar. A special thing about this place is that people can have food on their chairs only during a low tide. But at high tide, they are accompanied by food in boats.
  8. The fire balloon festival is a must. Plan your visit during this festival. The festival usually happens in November and the best time to visit is during the nighttime. The balloons float in the air with fireworks; there is dancing all around. This is almost the perfect place to enjoy.

There are many more places to visit in Myanmar. Search all of them online and visit this place soon. Schedule the day and visit each of the places mentioned above.


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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