Burma And Knowing About Southeast Asian Countries

Travel and humans have an old relation; our ancestors are the hunters and gatherers since they travel around the areas searching for food to eat and survive and shelter for a comfortable space to live in. Since the past decades, the process of traveling has changed nature. The traveling process has not changed, while nature and means of traveling have changed its very nature. In ancient times, traveling does not have any means as such, and people use to take days to reach from one point to the other and is quite hard since there is always change in landforms, weather, and even the availability of food.

With modern technologies, the process has many means, land ways, waterways, railways, and airways. Their means of transport had made the process of transportation is easier and less time taking. And in between the traveling from the one place to the other one can get access to whatever they want to eat and so on.

Traveling and modern innovations

Science and modern technology have made it all easier for us to experience different areas and their traditional culture and way of living. With the innovation of different transport methods, one can reach from one point to another with options while choosing the means of transport; if one has to reach in little time, they can get access to the airways as it will take less time than the others.

There is the land of diversity in culture, language, landforms, cuisines, and many other things. Yet, many similarities can be seen on a large scale, such as the natural environment, living and sustaining life in daily terms. Traveling amongst all these Asian and Southeast Asian countries will bring diversity to the door of the individual who is traveling and explore the area.

The country and the places to visit there

The country of rich culture, tradition, and history, Myanmar is amongst the mainland of southeast Asia, embracing its richness. The place has a whole charm for its visitors with multiple touring destinations. But when you are visiting this amazing place, there are few gems you just cannot miss; here are a few ones mentioned:

  • Sule pagoda

Sule pagoda in downtown Yangon, an ideal place for peace and meditation seekers. The place attracts a large number of devotees of Buddha as his hair relic houses here only.

  • Mount pops

It is the place for the hikers. The has its history, the places magnificent to experience and watch on. The monastery of pops Taung Kalat and the volcanic area (extinct one) are amongst the views that amaze people.

  • Temple of Buddha

The country is famous and known for the temples and the Chauk-Htat-Gyi temple of Buddha with a 65-meter huge Buddha which can be reclined. The image will bring a lot more relaxation and peace to you.

  • Shwedagon pagoda

The visit to Shwedagon Pagoda is a must when traveling to Burma since it is the most know pagoda for its sacredness.

  • Bagan

The ancient city has the most breathtaking views. While going to this place, one must carry the camera to capture the moment and bring back its experience.

  • Mahamuni Buddha temple

Mahamuni temple of Buddha is an important site with the sculpture of 13-feet tall Buddha covered with gold leaves. The temple also has a museum that educates travelers on the life of Buddha. 

  • Inle lake

The Inle lake occupies the highest amongst all elevations in the country and is the second-largest lake. The lake has a historical significance and is the place for boating and experiencing areas.

  • Kalaw

Kalaw is the ideal space for those who like trekking and other adventure activities to make themselves near nature and the natural environment away from the speedy world, which is enriching for the more power and enthusiasm while working. Hsipaw and pitaya are some of the other trekking places in the country to which one can see nature’s beauty.

  • Mandalay

Mandalay, the popular site of pilgrimage, is known to the world for the cultural richness and heritage with the old dynasties’ contribution.

  • Hpa-An

Hpa-An is the most popular town for travelers in Myanmar. The vibe with its rustic and rugged nature makes it all unique and the most loved areas in Myanmar by foreign tourists. It provides an amazing experience to the travelers to take away from their home and memories. There were also some important sites around it, such as the monastery and the mount zwegabin, which are located there.

  • Ngapali

The place of water sports, ngalali is the most known sand stretch in Myanmar and makes itself popular. The most attractive thing here is the combination of sands in two different colors, i.e., yellow and white.

  • Purcell tower

For sightseeing, one can go to the Purcell tower, the tower with red and off-white in the country’s heart. The place is amongst the top priorities when traveling to Myanmar.

The most appropriate time to visit the country is between November and the month of February. These months, the weather conditions are quite pleasant and are the most suitable for roaming around Myanmar. The weather is not hot, and the cool breeze brings sanity and peace to mind. The traveling places may change, but with modern innovations, one can go wherever they want to, for their satisfaction and enjoyment. Wherever one may go, one has to be prepared for all the essentials while traveling, considering nature, geographical location, and weather conditions since preparation is better than tension.

One has to make it clear in mind about the places they will visit to save time whenever visiting the country or area. There has to be proper full proof of research regarding the area where you are going to visit and where you are going to stay. Keep all the essential medicines for medical emergencies since the area is new to you and you don’t have any idea of working in that country or area.


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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