Everything To Know Before Travelling To The Beautiful Land Of Burma!

Myanmar, also known by its old name “Burma,” is a Southeast Asian country filled with wonders just waiting to be explored. It then becomes an interesting idea for travel enthusiasts to take a tour of this country! As tourism has only recently been established in this country, not much is known about it. If you are curious about how it feels to be in Myanmar, this is the guide. This guide will let you know about everything you should understand before deciding to plan a tour to Myanmar. Not only will it convince you that the answer is a ‘yes,’ but also, it will guide you about making the necessary preparations.

Why should you visit Myanmar?

Myanmar is a country that is still undiscovered by many tourists as they have only recently opened up their borders for them. This means that when you visit this country, you might be amazed to see what others haven’t. You can explore the rich culture of this country and see the world from a different perspective. This country has maintained its traditions, unlike most of the countries these days. Therefore, if you wish to learn about their culture, traditions, heritage, and more, you must soon take a tour!

What are the things worth seeing in Myanmar?

Some amazing things that you would see in Myanmar can range from fascinating hill stations to unexplored jungles and more. There are some amazing tourist spots in this destination. You can see the golden stupas that are extremely high like a skyscraper, beaches, resorts, tribes, monks, beautiful cities, and more.

Visiting these places could teach you a lot about their traditions and how they evolved further and got modernized. You can see a combination of modern and traditional values in this state. Every ritual has its story that is something that you must explore. Visiting this country can be a great experience if you are someone who loves to learn about new things and discover the ‘unknown’.

Is it safe to visit Myanmar?

Visiting Myanmar is generally safe as there have not been many reports of any crime against the tourists. The place is generally safe and the people are extremely friendly. The language barrier does exist, however, the natives will try their best to help you out in difficult situations. You should also try to learn some basic words of the language that could help you with your vacation like “Thank you”, “Where is the location”, “Hello”, and more. You should also try to learn about the common gestures that are used in the state. For example, gestures that signify good behavior, gestures that may seem rude to others, and more. This can help you understand everyone near you. You can also prevent behaving rudely to anyone by chance.

The tourism department is controlled by the government to many extents. However, most of the places follow the rules of tourism well. You will get help from people easily. The people are also taught to be as kind as possible to the tourists. This makes travel easier in the state.

Lastly, try to stay updated with regular news about the country. This goes for any country you visit. However, it is highly recommended that you do this when visiting Myanmar. If any areas have protests going on, try not to visit those areas. Also, try to avoid getting involved during sensitive situations that are in news. Keep in mind that staying updated with the news could help you in many situations.

What are some things you should know before you visit Myanmar?

Before you visit Myanmar, you should keep a few things in mind. These things have been listed below:

  • If you wish to visit this country, you must get your Visa prepared by fulfilling the requirements and furnishing the documents.
  • As tourism has only started recently, the infrastructure is not at par with its neighboring nations.
  • The lack of infrastructure also means a high expense of stay and travel. However, the country is still extremely cheap, so your other expenses will be reduced heavily. This makes it likely that you will not face your budget issues, as it still might be cheaper than you expect it to be.
  • There is high government control over tourism at this stage in the country. So you should be aware of the Dos and Dont’s. A VPN is also suggested while surfing the internet on public Wi-Fi.
  • Always exchange money at trusted banks and financial institutions. Do not enter the black market for exchanging the notes as they will not provide you with good rates, and you might also get counterfeit ones.

What is the best time to visit this country?

The best time to visit this country is during the seasons that are not extremely hot and not extremely wet either. This should be somewhere around November to February. Myanmar is generally at its best during this time. The weather is great and therefore, you will be able to explore more areas easily.

Going there during the summer season could be very difficult as it gets extremely hot! You might not be able to deal with the hot season. The monsoon is also pretty bad as your plans could get canceled due to heavy rain. Therefore, the balanced time from November to February is the best time to visit here!

After keeping all the major pointers in mind, you can get yourself prepared for visiting the country! As you might be able to explore the unexplored, the travel will be worth your time and effort. A few precautions will always keep you safe and knowing about the local things will help you make the most of your travel. After knowing about everything necessary, you can rest assured that nothing can stop you from visiting this amazing country! Make your trip to this brilliant country easily to get an experience like never before!


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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