Fascinating Reasons Why A Trip To Burma Is A Unique Experience

The world is a dynamic place, and its surroundings keep changing with time. The factors can vary as in geographical changes, economic fluctuations, political instability, and others. But what remains constant is the desire to explore the scenic beauty and experience adventures. Hence, the focus is always on easing and encouraging tourism by settling down any differences. The place that has made ample news lately is the beautiful Southeast Asian country Burma (Myanmar). For those who are curious about a trip to Burma, this post may get you excited.

Is it safe to travel to Burma?

Before proceeding any further, it is essential to answer the most prevailing question. The 70 years long ethnic civil war in this place can make any person wary about coming here as a tourist. But it is good news for the wanderers that Burma welcomes people wholeheartedly to explore its ethnicity and thrill.

  • It recorded more than 3.4 million tourists in 2017, and the footfall has been increasing ever since.
  • The growing demand indicates that more and more people are showing interest in spending quality time here.
  • Thankfully and gladly, previous visitors have not encountered any unsafe experiences. They rather appreciate going there with a smile.
  • Just some precautions can make Burma vacation the most relaxing. The no-go areas must be avoided.
  • The rest of the non-conflicting sites are open for safe, smooth, and surprisingly pleasant tourism.

Is it Burma or Myanmar?

Other than the queries about political poise, another point of confusion can be if it is Myanmar or Burma. It is always good to know about the hottest and most talked about the place you wish to visit. For this name curiosity, well, this answer also relates to political doings that happened around 30 years from today.

In 1989, the ruling party Junta changed the existing name Burma to Myanmar. Ever since, it is officially Myanmar, even on the papers. Speakers, as of today, use both words interchangeably. However, it is best to ask the local guide what is prevailing to avoid any confusion.

Reasons why Burma is a unique visit

With such political conditions and internet discussions, one might think, why would anybody go there for a trip? Well, this place is a beautiful dream to watch. While other holiday spots are so much in the hype, Burma is an untapped marvel. The following distinctive points will convey the fabulous uniqueness.

  • Unexplored Gem- Previous visitors cannot stop appreciating its pristine aesthetic. Burma is like a path less traveled due to which its beauty is intact and not disturbed due to heavy footfall. It is as pure as untouched. Rich in flora and fauna, this place takes pride in colorful ethnic diversity.
  • Warm Citizens- No matter what others say about the political unrest, the local people are utterly warm. Their happiness in meeting vacationers can be seen in their eyes and their readiness to help. It is a delightful experience to come across such welcoming and cultural folks missing at other destinations.
  • Thrilling Trek- Adventure lovers may go crazy seeing the best trek routes here. Hsipaw, Kalaw, and Lashio hiking paths are immensely popular. These hilly climbing experiences are as stimulating as a roller coaster ride. From November to March, passionate trekkers can experience impressive views and routes.
  • Wowing Temples- Burma has a global name for having thousands of temples, pagodas, and monasteries designed strikingly magnificent. Vacationers say that they are left in awe by the intricate architect, and the Buddhist calmness can be felt around in every minute thing. Ananda, Sulamani, Htilominolo are a few to name.
  • Rejoicing Beaches- Yes, Burma is not just about ethnic wonders; it is a place of clean and exhilarating beaches. Ngaplai, Ngwe, Mergui, Chaung, and several other beaches can make the visitors spellbound in their charm. They are perfect spots for memorable pictures, romantic dates, and tasty food.
  • Blended Yangon- Renowned temples, beaches, and treks reflect the presence of both cultural and modern views. One such perfect blend of history and newness can be felt by visiting Yangon with spectacular pagodas and other architectural buildings that are elegantly modernized.
  • Gladdening Lakes- Ample other eye-widening sites include the refreshing lakes. Located in the Shan hills is the Inle Lake, where boaters can find their utmost rejoice. Seeing the skilled fishermen using the oars on one leg will leave your mouth open in amazement. The surroundings gardens are a feast to the eyes.

Burma has something for everyone. Be it the contemporary beaches or the historic monuments; people will always have something to look forward to. There are many options to explore in Burma that you may want to extend your stay here.

Must-Know Things While Being In Burma

You may go to any corner of the world, and you will hear of at least one unusual or deeply followed custom. Every nation has something unique to offer and practice. Even Burma has some different things to the present. Some can be challenging for today’s generation but not too hard. Find below some of them:-

  • Rare Bargaining- It is a common practice to shop and bargain on a trip. But Burma might not be the place of haggling and bartering. It is more of a ‘take it or leave it’ kind of principle for the shoppers.
  • Negligible Internet- One may not find an internet connection here. Some cafes offer a connection but at a snail pace. But then who is stopping you from taking pictures and uploading them later at home.
  • Practiced Gestures- Avoid pointing anybody with feet. Money is usually exchanged with the right hand, with the left hand supporting the right elbow gently. Always be kind and polite as the citizens are also very respectful and helpful.

If you want a refreshing and relaxing break, Burma is indeed the place to go to. It is a place away from the hustle and bustle. Vacationers who look for less crowded destinations may begin to prepare an itinerary to Burma.


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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