How to Pack for Erratic Weather While Travelling

Now that the world is starting to open up its borders, everyone is excited to go back on holiday. However, global warming has made the weather quite unpredictable this year and even if you believe that you are heading to a sunny destination, you can still be hit with a thunderstorm out of nowhere. The weather is extremely erratic and so you should pack in a way that means that you won’t be caught out by the erratic weather.  Here is how to pack for erratic weather while traveling.  


We can all deal with a little bad weather when we are away, but there is nothing more annoying than our belongings getting wet when we don’t have access to our usual washer and dryer set up.  This is particularly annoying if you are backpacking, as you spend a lot of time with your personal belongings. We recommend purchasing a waterproofing setup. This setup should include a waterproof caught, a bag cover, and some waterproof pants. This should keep your belongs dry and keep you warm, which is what you need when you can’t just easily send your items to dry,  

Thick Clothing 

As well as worrying about your items getting wet, you also need to think about keeping yourself warm. There is nothing worse than catching an illness when you are on holiday, especially something like a cold. We recommend getting yourself a mens bomber jacket black, as this will keep you warm and also go with any outfits that you may have packed.  

Many people forget just how big of a difference a good pair of thick socks can make when you are on holiday, as it not only keeps you warm but it protects you from getting horrible blisters, so be sure to pack some for your next holiday.  


With the weather being so erratic, even if you purposefully travel to a colder destination, you could still fall victim to a quick shift in weather. When traveling to snowy locations, people quickly forget that the sun can still shine and will get in your eyes when you are going about your daily activities. We recommend that you pack a good pair of sunglasses that have good UV protection and just keep it in your bag. This way you will be able to simply take them out whenever you feel as though you need them.  

Hats and Gloves 

It is understandable that you will not want to spend your holiday wearing a thick coat and warm clothes, especially if you have events to attend or places to go. The very least that we recommend if you don’t want to ruin your outfit is bringing a hat and glove set. This will keep the heat in your body insulated, so you don’t have to worry about falling victim to the cold weather when you are on your holiday. We also recommend a scarf, as this will only increase the warmth you feel.  


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