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Pet Friendly Destinations Perfect for your Next Holiday

Taking your pet on holiday with you is great especially when so many consider our pets to be members of the family. Why wouldn’t we want them to enjoy the time in a new exotic location as well as the rest of the family? However, with some destinations, the process of bringing your animal into another country can be difficult and there are a number of forms and vaccinations that need to be done before it is allowed in some cases.

If you have already decided on a destination I would recommend that you start looking into the details and requirements for bringing your pet very early on in the planning process, as this will help you to avoid being told it is not possible with little notice to make any changes. The process of bringing your pet on holiday with you can also be very stressful for them also, with the long journey being confined to a pet carrier away from the family which can be very upsetting for your pet.

If you are worried about your pet when traveling to another country you may be interested to learn about some of the new CBD products, which are designed specifically for your dogs and cats. You can now buy cbd dog treats, which when given before a flight or long traveling session will help your pet to relax and can even encourage them to get some sleep through the journey. Many users have said that their pets seemed to be much more relaxed and subdued in what would otherwise be a stressful environment for them. These treats are very safe and affordably priced so if they are going to keep your pet in such a way that the journey is much more relaxing for them I would say that it is worth a look.



Spain is a hotspot for family holidays for many reasons, if you are traveling from the UK it is not a significantly long flight that is going to cause you and your pets even more stress than is needed. Once you have got the journey out of the way you and your loved ones including your pets are free to enjoy the long and beautiful beaches and the overall high energy environment that is present in many popular Spanish resorts, there is plenty to do here for both human and animal making it worthy of your consideration for your next big vacation.



Much like Spain if you are looking for a location that doesn’t need a huge flight to get there then the Netherlands would be the perfect destination for your next holiday, the flight is relatively short meaning that your pet should be okay with joining you as they will only be confined to their carrier for a short period of time. The Netherlands has many popular tourist attractions for you to see as well as wide stretches of nature-filled land where you can take your dogs for a nice stroll in the hot weather.



The final destination on this list that could be considered to be pet friendly would have to be France, which is very popular with tourists visiting the region every year. You could even get the ferry over to France which is more affordable and pet friendly as in some cases they are able to walk around the boat in certain areas. If you want to bring your pet to France there is plenty to keep them occupied as long as you research your chosen destination to ensure that the things you want to do are accommodating to animals also.


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