Snowy Holidays: How to Pack and Prepare for the Cold

When it comes to beach vacations, we are all familiar with what we need to pack. From sunglasses to flip-flops, it is pretty easy to work out what you will need in order to enjoy the sun. However, when it comes to snowy holidays, it isn’t as straightforward. When we go on holiday to colder destinations, we are conflicted between wanting to look good while we are away and not wanting to freeze. This can make packing your bag quite confusing, as it can be easy to overpack or not take enough to help you combat the cold.

We are more than familiar with how difficult deciding what to pack can be, so worry not as we have put together some of our best preparation tips for your next holiday to a cold destination.

Socks, plenty of socks

One of the most underrated things that you can pack when you are going on a cold holiday is a good pair of socks. If you are going to a snowy location we recommend that you overpack when it comes to socks. Depending on the activities that you are doing on your holiday, you may experience snow getting into your shoes. This can lead to your socks getting wet, which could result in you getting cold. So because of this, you will want to ensure that you can quickly change your socks whenever you may need to. We recommend that you bring both thick and thermal socks, as these will keep your feet well insulated which will help regulate your body heat. It can also get cold at night, so be sure to pack some thick and fluffy bed socks so that you can stay warm while you are in bed.

Thick hat

A hat is arguably just as important as your socks. Both your feet and your head are key players when it comes to regulating heat, so to ensure that you are able to stay as warm as possible, you should make sure that you bring a thick hat with you. Something that people often forget when they go on holiday to somewhere cold is the cold breeze, this cold breeze can hit places that you may not even think about, like your ears. This can lead to discomfort, so if you have a hat you will be able to cover up your ears.


Thermals will become your best friend when you are on holiday to a cold location as they can be thrown under almost all of your clothing. Some people don’t enjoy going to a cold location and having to wear thick and unflattering clothing, especially if you intend on socializing with people and going to events. If you plan to go skiing, then you will also really appreciate the use of thermals. When you go skiing, you may wonder what you should wear underneath ski pants. The best thing that you can wear is a thick pair of thermal leggings. This is because they will not restrict your movement or make you uncomfortable, they are also extremely comfy.

Thick jacket

Again, a lot of people make the mistake of choosing fashion over practicality when it comes to going on holiday. We completely understand, when you go away there is no better feeling than looking good. However, do not compromise your body heat in favor of looking good when you are away as you will just ruin your experience. Be sure to pack a thick and padded jacket when you go away, as this will help to maintain your overall body heat.


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