The Ultimate Guide About Travelling In Burma

Myanmar is also known as Burma. This is mainly an interesting country to visit in Southeast Asia. Some of the facts about different tourist places in Burma have been discussed in this article.

Factors to consider before going visiting Burma

  1. The ideal time to visit Burma is mainly during the cool season, between October and February. During this period, there will be less rain as well as temperatures. 
  2. All of the foreign nationals traveling to Burma require a visa to enter the country. Some visa-exempt countries like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Laos whose passport holders are mainly granted 14-day visa-free travel. The travelers from other countries need to apply for the tourist visa either at Myanmar embassies and consulates in their country or online.
  3.  During the peak period between October to February, one may need to book the hotels in advance. As this is a slow-developing country, the hotel prices are a little bit expensive.
  4. Air, as well as bus travel, are the main ways to get around the country. This is also possible to travel by train or by boat. Air travel is the fastest form of transport. 

Some of the cultural tips to consider while traveling to Burma

  1. The visitors need to take off their shoes at the time of entering the religious places. So one must pack their flip-flops if they are planning to visit temples and the pagodas.
  2. The visitors must not point their feet towards Buddha while they are inside any pagoda.
  3. One should avoid passing anything with their left hand. This is mainly considered rude behavior.
  4. People in Burma have got the habit of chewing tobacco. This is highly addictive and may cause red stains on the street. It can cause teeth red also.
  5. The handshaking is not the way the Myanmar people should greet each other. These people avoid physical contact. The people slightly bow their heads, or they give a smile.
  6. One should never touch the other person’s head or use their feet to point at someone. This is because the head is the highest part of the body and is mainly considered sacred, and the feet are the lowest, so they are believed to be dirty.
  7. One must use both of their hands at the time of giving or receiving something.
  8. As Burma is mainly a socially conservative country, one should avoid displaying affection in public.
  9. The visitors must be dressed conservatively at the pagodas. Men also are not allowed to enter any religious place with shorts. The men wearing the shorts are always asked to buy the longyi to wrap around their exposed legs. The women must wear either a long skirt or pants and a shirt which will cover their shoulders.
  10. Near any religious place, one will see the caged bird sellers. They are not a pet shop. In the Buddhist tradition, the birds are often bought by the worshippers and then set free. This is mainly done to remove any bad karma in life.

Top-rated tourists places in Burma

Myanmar, which is the Southeast Asian nation’s official name, is most commonly known as Burma. This is a must-visit tourist destination for those travelers who like the beaches and the worshippers of Buddha. Below are some of the famous tourist places in Burma.

  1. Golden Rock, which is mainly referred to as Kyaiktiyo Zedi. This is the pagoda, which is located atop a huge rock. This mainly appears as if this is about to fall from the edge of the cliff. The rock that mainly appears to be gold is the granite boulder, which is mainly covered with the gold leaf applied to the rock by some of the Buddhist devotees. It is believed that the rock is mainly situated 1,100 meters above sea level. This pagoda is believed to have the strand of Buddha’s hair. This is the pilgrimage site for many Myanmar Buddhists.
  2. Ngapali beach is one of the most popular beaches in Myanmar. This beach has been surrounded by many palm trees and has got white sand as well. This has got the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Bengal. This is mainly having many stylish accommodation options. This is a major beach holiday destination.
  3. Htilominlo Temple is mainly a Buddhist temple which is located in Bagan. King Htilominlo built this cave. This temple is three stories tall and has got an elevation of 46 meters. This cave was mainly built with red bricks.  There are mainly four Buddha statues facing four directions and are mainly located on the first floor of the temple.
  4. Pindaya caves are mainly located close to the town of Pindaya in Myanmar. This is mainly located on the limestone ridge of the Myelat region. There are mainly three number caves situated on the ridge running north-south. The visitors are only allowed to the southern caves.
  5. Inle Lake is mainly a freshwater lake. This is located in Taunggyi District of Shan State, which is part of the Shan Hills in Myanmar. This lake has a surface area of about 116 km. This is the second largest lake in the country. The lake is mainly located at an elevation of 2,900 feet. This is mainly the hot water spring located at the northwestern shore of the lake.
  6. Ananda Temple is mainly an amazing Buddhist temple. This was built in 1105 AD. This Buddhist temple has got a total of four standing Buddhas. Each of them is facing four different directions.
  7. Taung Kalat Monastery is mainly situated on top of Mount Popa. This is an amazing Buddhist monastery in Myanmar. The mountain rises up to 737 meters, and the monastery is situated at its peak. This is a must-visit tourist site in Burma.

One must take into account some of the traveling tips while they go on vacation to Burma.


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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