The World Of Burma And Its Beauty And Simplicity

It is warm on the Southeast Asia transportation trail to move to Myanmar (or ride to Burma, if relating to its official title). However, as a nation that has only just opened for business to tourists in the last decade, traveling here means meeting many difficulties that you do not typically face on the very same magnitude as other nations in the area.

Why was it changing its name?

In 1948, the nation officially known as Burma achieved independence from the occupying powers. Even it was not until 1989 that, after a military takeover, the governing military junta switched the national flag from Burma in Myanmar.

Myanmar vs. Burma-is this the same thing?

Politically, Burma is now seen as a remnant of the past British colonial history of this nation, and Myanmar was more representative of the nation’s many cultural minorities. There have also been improvements to other titles; this is why you’ll see Rangoon often referring as the Yangon.

For tourism, traveling to Burma means traveling to Myanmar. As they say in South America, the same is true. Both Burma and Myanmar, mostly on the field and on the international stage, also use different words.

The Right Place to Myanmar Travel:

Usually, there are many three days where you can see Myanmar:

  • October for March: Dry season in the winter
  • March to May: Humid, seasonal summer season
  • May through October: The rainy, humid season

Where to go there and Doing Stuff?

You’re not going to be short of choices about where to go throughout Myanmar, and a traveler’s route has been slightly moved. For a valid reason, the loop among Yangon and Mandalay is widely obtainable and very well known; don’t be put off by all the Myanmar attractions identified as tourist attractions. Getting there in Myanmar completely depends on your ideal ration of community and fun, as anything from city discovery, multi-day walks, bike tours even river trips fill the nation with almost everything. Although with Myanmar’s position beside the Andaman Sea (and the Bay of Bengal), the group includes beach time and diving.

In-depth Knowledge:

  • Socket Energy

Myanmar utilizes 230V/50Hz and also has two distinct types of widely used power sockets. One would be the European device with two ground wires and others with three rounded prongs of the socket D kind.

  • Visas

You shouldn’t have too many problems reaching Myanmar by ground or air because you have a travel document. Via the news site, people of 100 nations may apply for travel visas electronically.

  • Security in Safety

It is generally very safe to fly across Myanmar, with next to no aggression or petty crime against foreigners.

  • Language Inside

While the native tongue is Burmese throughout Myanmar, there are still around 100 or more widely spoken accents.

  • Ceremonies and Festivals

As in most Asian nations, religious holidays and dates are primarily related to occasions and events.

In Myanmar, the greatest things to do:

  • Discover Mandalay City

Though there are plenty of things you can do in Mandalay, scaling Mandalay Hill, walking the U-Bein Bridge, or enjoying the many churches and pagodas from around the region are some of the highlights should things.

  • Go for a Flight on a Hot Air Balloon

While many people miss this because of their budgets, those who recommend going for that too if you have the cash, as it is genuinely this once in a lifetime moment.

  • Inle Lake Go Sailing and Hiking

Going on a trek from Kalaw to Inle River is among the most interesting things to see in Myanmar. So are the ecosystems very stunning, however as you walk from one nearby town to another, the residents you see out and about make it viable.

  • Hop on a Float trip Scuba Diving

Because most of its seas are so unknown to anyone, Myanmar is subject to some gorgeous scuba diving. Another smartest way to do this during the country is shipping to both the Burma Banks and big underwater sprawled sea-mounts.

  • Through Yangon Sightseeing

Travel to Yangon seems to be something that many travelers have to see the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the most significant pilgrimage sites in the world, and explore tourist cities of Bagan, Mandalay, including Inle Lake.

  • Wander via Bagan’s Temple

Naturally, seeing the sunset over the monuments in Bagan is also one of the key highlights of every trip to Myanmar. This site is truly magical. It is something those who thoroughly recommend doing while in Myanmar, regardless of whether you intend to watch the dawn from a helium balloon or simply through the several scenic landmarks.

So here are a few of my favorite Burmese recipes you’ll have to try while you’re in Myanmar:

  1. Salad with Tea Leaf (Laphet Thohk)

My best Burmese meal ever, perhaps. Laphet Thohk is a tasty, tangy blend of tea, chopped cabbage, pureed tomatoes, deep-fried chewy beans, peas, and nuts, combined with veg oil, chili as well as lime.

  • Soup by Monhinga

This recipe is a delicious sticky rice soup served with fried breaded cakes and has been known to many locals as a regular breakfast sandwich. Almost every food stalls stall serves it.

  • Curry Burmese

The Burmese gravy is much more comparable to Sri Lankan cuisine, with a much more watery form of gravy over creamy, somewhat blander than Indian cuisine. It’s indeed super tasty, however, but it is worth checking out.

  • Meeshay

A specialty of the Cheng people of both the Eastern region of Myanmar is a rice noodle and pork dish. Although this dish has different variations, rice noodles are usually served in a plastic container along with pork, plenty of soup, including fresh vegetables.

Myanmar is increasingly becoming an incredibly popular destination for tourists, is a world full of fascinating history and culture. There is plenty to learn and know about this location, with ancient monuments and pagodas, intact landscapes, but an evolving community that is increasingly opened up to the current world.


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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