Top Cities to Visit in Burma

Myanmar, formerly known as the country of Burma, is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Bangladesh and India border the country; it is one of the largest countries in Mainland Southeast Asia. The country of Burma is known and popular for its various tourist destination and devotion to Buddha. The beautiful destinations, places, and beaches of Burma never fail to amaze tourists’ eyes and hearts. Most of Burma or Myanmar’s population believes in the wonders and works of Buddha; the country has thousands of beautiful Buddhist temples worth a visit once in your lifetime.

Independence of Burma

Myanmar or Burma has a long history of freedom and independence. The country was colonised by the British in the year 1824 and remained under British colonialism till the second world war wherein the country again invaded by Japan. Myanmar or Burma soon became a major battleground after the Japanese invaded the country. The country finally achieved its freedom or independence from foreign countries in the year 1948.

Cities to visit in Burma


Bagan is the most popular tourist destination in the country of Myanmar. Never miss a chance to visit the beautiful city of Bagan when in Myanmar or Burma. One of the reasons for the widespread popularity of Bagan is the stupas present in Bagan. There are over 2000 stupas spread across the countryside of Bagan, which is crafted and designed by the beautiful architecture which should meet the eyes of an explorer or tourist once in their travel life. Bagan is also famous for its local markets and Asian food cuisine, which offers the best Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Tibetan food. Burmese cuisine is also provided at its best in Bagan.


Yangon was formerly known as Rangoon it the largest city in the country of Myanmar or Burma. The city has so much to offer to the tourist the city doesn’t content itself to one genre. There is so much to see and visit in the city of Yangon. From beautiful Buddhist monuments to parks and lakes, everything is just so mesmerizing in Yangon. The Shwedagon Pagoda is a famous destination in Yangon, which attributes to the beautiful Buddhist culture of Burma. You can also experience Burma’s history by vising the Colonial buildings, museums, art galleries, and markets. You can’t miss the Burmese street food, samosa salad, and street pancakes of Yangon for the foodies out there.


Mandalay is the old royal capital of Myanmar and the second-largest city in the country. The place is popular for its markets, monasteries, Indian temples, mosques, and pagodas. The city represents diversity as it’s a place for different religious beliefs in the country. Don’t forget to visit the Royal Palace of Mandalay which consists of a total of 40 different buildings. It’s a place with beautiful architecture and archaeology.

Inle Lake

The city is a beautiful place to experience and live the beauty of a pure village. The city is famous for its floating village, gardens, and temples. The city is known as a floating village because there are no roads in Inke Lake region the only means of transportation is through boats. You can experience the floating village by living in the water villas above the water. The city is home to thousand-year-old pagodas and over 200 monasteries around the lake. The floating village, gardens, and temples are worth visiting as there is no city like Inke Lake.


Ngapali is popular for its beach destination. The city is located at the Bay of Bengal coastline. The place is an escape from reality and is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach. You can do various activities in Ngapali you can go for fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkeling. On the land, you can visit golf courses, fishing villages, and seafood restaurants. The beaches of Ngapali are the wonderful and best place for a beach lover while in the country of Burma or Myanmar. You can hire a bike or motorbike to cycle around the city of Ngapali to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mrauk U

According to many archaeologists, the city of Mrauk U formerly known as Mrohaung is an abandoned city that holds very strong archaeological importance places. The temples present in the Mrauk U are similar to the Bagan but these are small in size and have modern patterns embedded. Mrauk U was a trading post during the First Anglo-Burmese war which was soon relocated to Sittwe abandoning Mrauk U’s city and till date the beauty of the city is forgotten. Many people don’t visit this city in Myanmar which makes it nice and peaceful for enthusiast tourists to visit the place as they can have the temples and places all to themselves to see and enjoy the archaeological beauty of the city.


Bago is one other city forgotten by tourists in Myanmar or Burma. You can visit this place and see the beautiful history, culture, and the rice industry present in Bago. An airport is already in construction in Bago which would be released in the year 2022 you have the best time to visit the city and experience the culture of Burma before it’s crowded by tourists from around the world.

Kyaiktiyo Kyaiktiyo is the popular tourist destination of Myanmar or Burma because of its famous golden rock and glided pagoda. You can reach to the golden rock by open-top truck, cable car, or by hiking a four hour top. The pagoda holds the pure devotion and presence of Lord Buddha. The golden rock is located on the edge of the cliff, which is believed to be held in place by Buddha’s hair. The city of Kyaiktiyo is considered to be a sacred place in the whole of Myanmar or Burma. A visit to the city of Kyaiktiyo won’t ever make you regret your decision to come to Burma.


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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