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Traveling any time of the year is a marvelous leisure activity. That is a contrasting phrase: “ leisure activity.” Anyway, anyone who does not like to travel is afraid of exploring themselves. To explore oneself is to experience something divine. It does not mean that you find out all the good things about yourself. It certainly means that you find out about some of the annoying, irritating, and mean things about yourself that you never knew before. Many times, people do not see a pattern in how they do certain things, and when you find that pattern, you learn a lot about yourself. After you have traveled with people or alone a few time, you would possibly fully know yourself. That is the strongest point in your life yet. From there on, you only do better in life since you know yourself well now.

Why is travelling so raved about?

As mentioned earlier, it is a divine experience in finding yourself. And most times, it happens when you are lost somewhere. So, in a way, you find yourself when you get lost while travelling. The reason most of this exploring happens while travelling is because you are away from your home. Even if you are with your family or friends, you are away from your natural habitat. Being away from the place you stay in for most of the year, does wonders even if you do not realize them. It takes you out of your comfort zone and the set routine and throws changes and challenges at you. While coping with them, you tend to find some strengths and weaknesses about yourself. You find the angel and the devil in you and you must know that you should embrace both of them. Embrace all parts of yourself.

You may even indulge in some sadness by the water but then you would realize that it was you who took you till there. Nobody else helped you cope with this sadness and pain but yourself. Let go of some of the pain if you can. It is hard to let it go fully because some part of pain remains even when you have bid it goodbye. However, say your goodbye. Tell your pain to jump on a ship and move far away from you by the water. It will be a wholesome and difficult and painful experience that you cannot expect to go through easily. Take your time but let it go. While you are on this trip, try to find as many versions of you as possible. Understand why you behave a certain way with a certain group of people. You may find something sudden and necessary.

While having this conversation with yourself, you may find some fingers pointing at you, and some of them will be yours. Nobody is entirely correct and honest when dealing with people. Apologize loudly to yourself and silently to those who you may have hurt in the hurtful process that is life. Forgive yourself before you forgive anyone else.

Travel to Burma:

Now that you have made your mind up about travelling, you should start looking for places to visit. As you search for beautiful places to travel, you would find that every other place is beautiful in its way. If you are tight on your budget, though, you should plan according to that. Burma is a magnificent country to travel, and it would not even cost you that much. The traveling and other infrastructure are quite inexpensive there, so you must take advantage of that. And the food is magnificent and drool-worthy as well. It is the right place for you to visit, and a safe one!

How should you go about the trip?

The country is safe, even amidst all the rumors and news headlines. The tourists face no violence in Burma. However, it is advised that you should not get involved in any protest or military event for your safety. The people of the country are very warm, welcoming, genuine, and friendly. You will feel quite safe and belonging to their people while travelling and conversing with the locals. They love to see outsiders, and tourists will keep you great company. As to when one should travel, winter is always the best season to go somewhere to avoid the inconvenience generally caused by the rains. Springtime is also good, though. Although more tourists will be there when you visit anywhere from November to February, you will get comfortable weather instead of the scorching heat. You could visit so many beaches, peaks, cultural monuments, temples, and local places.

How to make traveling more fun?

You must be knowing this already but take pictures when traveling. Some people say that they do not wish to capture it all in their cameras, but the clear advice is: do it. Document your journey from the beginning to the end. Pictures are what bring back all the memories if you forget something. Another way of making your journey fun is by journaling it. Writing helps you understand so much of what your mind can’t comprehend at the moment. Hence, always keep a diary or notebook or journal with you when traveling. Add dates on the pages so that you know what you did at what time and date.

Another great way of documenting your journey is by writing blogs about your travel. If you travel often, you could also make a career out of it. People like to see other people’s personal experiences in a new place. They like to read how you struggled with something new or fumbled up the local language. You could also make vlogs out of your journey.

Travelling is among the few things that you must do alone, at least once. You will never know yourself unless you take that risk of going the wrong train, having your wallet lost in an unknown place, living with yourself, and finding out the angry parts of you, still burning with hurt.


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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