Traveling In Burma – The Things You Need To Know Before Your Travel

Myanmar or Burma is a country with incredible beauty around, and once you visit, you will find that it is rather a safe country. Amazing beaches, spectacular scenery, wild nature, and rich culture. Discover something new to discover every time you visit here. The breathtaking beauty of Burma makes it a must-visit travel destination. 

The country is recently getting its tourism sector back as the government is easing its rules for travelers wanting to visit the country. The beauty of visiting this country is that nature is still untouched, and you can see a lot of expanse of rugged natural beauty all through the country. So if you are thinking of traveling to Burma, this vacation is prepared for a completely different experience.

The beauty of Burma

As Myanmar or Burma has recently opened its gates to tourists, it is still in the starting stages, and tourism has not yet been able to spoil the natural goodness of the county’s natural beauty. The facilities are basic, and development is not on the brighter side. But that is the beauty of traveling here. You completely have a very different experience than other countries you have traveled to. So let’s see why you should book a ticket to Burma as soon as possible:

  • Nature undisturbed

Once you reach here, you will be surprised to know how beautiful the creation is here. The untouched natural expanse is a paradise in itself. Beaches with crystal clear water and the white sand along its side can never be enough for your eyes. Mountains that stand mighty and tall, jungles that have the entire wilderness in them, then the majestic Inle Lake famous for its floating villages and gardens where the locals are completely dependent on water for all their livelihood purposes. This is an experience you will not get anywhere else.

  • Bagan – a must-visit place in Burma

With its endless ancient stupas and pagodas, Bagan is a great reminder of its rich heritage when Buddhist kings ruled over the kingdom of Pagan. It is one of the most popular attractions in Burma. And if you want to get an Ariel view, then taking a hot balloon ride is the aptest way of getting all the beauty in.

  • The temples of mask U

Yet another landmark in Burma, it is one of the important archaeological sites of the country. Small villages along the riverside inhabit the place. A beautiful site to see with small hills and rice paddies and grazing cows will give you immense satisfaction and relaxation. The temples on this site are a sight that you should not miss if you travel to this country.

  • Gokteik viaduct

A nail-biting train journey over the densely forested ravine, the bridge was the second-highest in the world when built in 1901 by the Pennsylvania steel company. It is 318 feet high and 2257 feet across. The respect for nature swells up in you when you take the breathtaking route over the wild forest and waterfalls that will sweep you off your feet.

  • The majestic pagodas, stupas, and temples

Burma famous for its stupas, temples, and pagodas, something you will see why it is so when you visit the country. Bagan has around 2000 temples. The 2,500-year-old great Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. The temple on the top of the volcanic mount Popa has to climb about 777 steps to reach the top. So if you are interested in visiting these historic monuments, then Burma should not be missed.

  • A tropical paradise

Sailing through a cluster of beautiful islands and stopping in one of them that can be deserted and uninhabited. It is an adventure you may enjoy. The crystal clear waters can give you a soothing splash, and the adventurer in you will come back for more.

Travel tips to Burma

If you are thinking of taking a vacation to Burma, then here are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Consult a doctor and take all the necessary precautions before traveling. Because it is surrounded by nature, mosquitoes can be a threat. So taking anti-malaria tablets along is a good idea. Mosquito repellent should also be an important thing to pack.
  • Drink only bottled mineral water. Tap water is not healthy for travelers. Avoid using ice from the street because it may be from tap water. Bottled water is available in all the shops and restaurants.
  • Food is great in Burma because you can find all kinds of tasty dishes. The recipes you get are a combination of Indian, American, Chinese, and traditional Burmese cuisine. So from whatever country you are from, you can find a taste you like here. But be careful of street food as it may not be healthy.
  • Shopping is good in Burma. You can find small gifts and souvenirs to take back home. Most of them are handmade and a small piece of their culture. The puppets are a popular purchase. Handwoven silks are also a great gift to buy.
  • Give respect to religious places by dressing appropriately. Women need to have to cover their knees, and showing off a lot of skin is not tolerated in religious places. Keep your slippers off while you visit temples and pagodas. Don’t turn your back or touch a Buddha statue. They have very strict rules if you are found disrespecting a Buddha statue. You can also end up in jail.
  • The costs of things in Burma are generally on the lower side. Food is cheap, so is travel. There are expensive hotels that can charge you a bit more because they have to take a permit from the government to accommodate foreigners. Otherwise, it is the most affordable.
  • If you are looking for high-speed internet, then it is not great in Burma. Though you may get WiFi, it will be incredibly slow. So it is better not to use any internet here.
  • Traveling during public holidays and festivals can be a little hectic because most of the transport is reduced and what you have will be cramped. So be prepared when traveling on public holidays.
  • The official currency in Burma is Myanmar Kyat. You can exchange Euro, British pound, American dollars, and all major currency at the airport, banks, and bureau to change.

In short, Burma is a country that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. The experience you will get here will surely be memorable and worth sharing. So come prepared for a completely different holiday and an adventure of a lifetime. So book your tickets as soon as possible and enjoy the untouched beauty of Myanmar. 


After traveling all over the world, I finally understand where my heart belongs - Burma.

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