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Wonders of Delaware: 6 Reasons you should Visit

Sandwiched between Maryland and New Jersey sits a small but noble state called Delaware. Known for being the very first of the 13 states to ratify the U.S. Constitution, Delaware is a deeply historical state with cultural and historical landmarks scattered everywhere. But apart from that, what’s in Delaware? Well, we are going to find out and give you 6 reasons to visit the Diamond state and have a wonderful time whilst you are doing so.

The Coastlines

Being perched on the eastern coastline of the united states means that Delaware has plenty of wonderful beach space to offer. Boardwalks line the entire coast with games, rides, and entertainment fun for the entire family. There are also plenty of opportunities up and down the coast to take part in watersports. Fishing, surfing, water skiing are all big in the summer, or maybe slow down and try a calm fishing trip off the coast. For a summertime trip, Delaware’s coastlines are the way to be.


Delaware is one of the few states in the United States that doesn’t impose an 8 percent sales tax. This means when you’re shopping around the malls you don’t have to worry about how much is going to be tagged on at the end of the purchase with tax. You pay the price on the tag and you’re out of there. A perfect stress-free shopping experience. Even the real estate scene is effective and easy, this company are cash house buyers in Delaware and they work with startling efficiency.

The Food and Drink

Delaware is known for being a master of seafood. The coastlines make fishing easy and lucrative leading to restaurants all across the state selling rare and tasty seafood the Delaware blue crabs. Delaware is also known for its sweet and tasty saltwater taffy which you’ll always find at the famous boardwalks. The state is also known for its vast range of wineries and breweries that form a trail through the state known for not only small local brands but massive nation brands like the Dogfish Head Brewery.

The History

Delaware has a long and storied past with the development of the United States. It was always a huge location for European settlers meaning the architecture around the state is varied, historical, and beautiful. Delaware was one of the first states to revolt against the British in the American revolution. Deleware was also home to the oldest African American church in the country which was chartered by former slave Peter Spencer in 1813. Visit the Delaware Art Museum, the Museum of Natural history, or the Delaware museum to really get a sense of the long and turbulent past of this hidden gem of a state.

The Cities

After visiting the coastlines and the breweries why not head further inland and visit the cities! Dover (the capital) and the slightly bigger Wilmington provide all the city experiences you would ever want like affordable accommodation, carried food and drink opportunities, a thriving nightlife scene, and plenty of wonderful sights to see along the way.

The Countryside

Delaware is also known for its extensive views of beautiful lakes and rivers as well as long sprawling forests that cover the Piedmont’s many hills. Delaware is also home to First State National Historical Park which is composed of many different historical sites of interest like old forts, churches, and plantations that chart the state’s history. Plenty of trails and guided tours are available or you can go in by yourself and experience the beauty at your own pace it’s all up to you!


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